About Us

BerryhillOrganics.com was founded in 2023 by Nicole Berryhill, Ph.D. 

Nicole Berryhill, CEOA mother of four daughters, now in their 20's, Nicole enjoyed providing them with healthy food choices throughout their childhood and an "as natural as possible" approach to overall health and wellbeing.
Nicole has been an ordained counseling minister for 25 years, and has been focused on neurotheology research throughout this time. She is also an Author, a Public Speaker and a Master Herbalist... which is what eventually lead her into the supplement business.

With so many wonderful natural options for mental, emotional and physical support, she found it quite surprising there weren't more options formulated specifically for women. As a Mom of four daughters, this truly became an ongoing top priority for Nicole and her family.

Often, we find health supplement aisles stocked with wonderful products formulated for - and marketed to - hulky men with barbells and great tans. Very little seems to be available to specifically support the mental clarity, restorative rest and inner balance a woman needs to sometimes just get through the day. 

Accomplished full-time moms, business women, college students, retired matriarchs - and every combination of women in between - deserve to know there are scientifically proven, healthy, organic, natural "whole life" support options available for them, too.  And so, BerryhillOrganics.com - specifically our Renewed Mind Healing™ line of products "By Women, For Women" - was born.

Our proprietary blends are Made in the USA, providing important jobs & income to local areas. Our fulfillment warehouse is HERE IN THE USA and certified among the top 1% in transparency and quality assurance among all other supplements available on the market today. 

We are deeply committed to serving you and supporting your personal "thriving" goals very well for years to come!